catherine drew

Support Coordinator

Hi, I’m Catherine and I am a Support Coordinator here at Super Squad.

As a Support Coordinator I am here to guide and support individuals and their families to navigate complex systems and to ensure each person receives support that aligns with their own unique needs and goals.

Why I became a support coordinator stems directly from my lived experience. My son is neurodiverse, he has ASD and ADHD and endless energy – he can impressively run everywhere and not get tired.

My lived experience is my strength – I live on coffee just like you and I go through NDIS plan reviews just like you.

I can truly relate to how frustrating and confusing navigating NDIS can be and my goal is to guide individuals and families like mine, so their experiences with NDIS are as positive and as stress free as possible.

My drive is to build understanding and knowledge around NDIS, so individuals and families are empowered to live a life they choose.

My interests are early intervention, mental health, inclusive education and advocating for disability equality.

My goal is to enable greater independence, inclusion and acceptance.