JO henrickson

Manager – Quality, Compliance & Risk

Hi, I’m Jo.
I’m the Quality, Compliance, and Risk Manager at Super Squad.  My background is in engineering, with a focus on Workplace Health and Safety (WHS), product quality, risk management, and continuous improvement. My role is to systematically support our sensational Super Squad to safely provide high-quality services for each unique, amazing participant.

However, my passion extends beyond the technical and systematic aspects.  I am intensely curious about people, how we think, why we think it, what drives us… I am always learning, either from the people I work with, the participants we support, friends, family or formal study.  I’m working my way through post grad qualifications in Psychology and Autism Studies and loving it!
I am a fervent advocate for supported decision making and the rights of people with disabilities, and my priority is to ensure all “voices” are heard, irrespective of the form of that voice.

I love working with a squad of fun-loving, motivated, committed people who are dedicated to our participants and each other.

Together, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we support, fostering health, happiness and fulfillment.